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Albanian Pediatric Association

Board Members

President; Prof. Dr Georgina Kuli-Lito. Unoversity Hospital Center "Mother Teresa", Department of Pediatrics, Dibra street , 370, Tirana, Albania.
Phone number: +35542349438, mobile: +355 682164577
e-mail: [email protected],

Vice president: Prof.Dr Anila Godo, (same working address)
Tel: +35542349438 mobile: +355692063607
e-mail: [email protected]

Secretary: Dr Donjeta Bali (same working address)
Mobile: +355692097818
email: [email protected]

Member: Prof.Dr.Eli Kallfa (same working address)
mobile: +355692156098
e-mail: [email protected]

Member: Prof.Asoc.Ermira Kola, (same working address)
Mobile: +355672059975
e-mail: [email protected]


Member Society's short history: Albanbian Pediatric Society is a new society  founded  in  1995. It has more than 400 members, pediatricians and family doctor and is enlarging every year with new members. An annual national conference with international participation is organized every year. The previous society presidents have been; prof. Dr Durim Bebeci, prof.dr. Paskal Cullufi, prof.Dr. Anila Godo." Pediatrics Day" is a symposium with definied topic organized twice a year in collaboration with Departement of Pediatrics.

Incoming events:  Pediatric Symposium in collaboration with Pediatric Society of Montenegro and Kosovo,  Venue: Budva, Montenegro: 9 th October 2010, 
Pediatric day: 16th of October, "An update of immunization", Venue:  Tirana,Albania: Hotel "Rogner", Annual Conference of Pediatrics with international participation, March 2011, venue: tirana, albania, Hotel Tirana-International. 

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