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Dear Colleagues,

We established the Paediatric Association of the Balkan with the aim of creating better relations, both scientifically and socially, providing support to each other and conducting works.

With the help of the website recently put into service, we also aim to ensure an easier communication between the pediatricians of Balkanic countries. Please do not hesitate to make comments on our website and help us to make it more functional.

In the meanwhile, Professor Doctor Ghenev, with whom we had a talk during the last Europaediatrics in Vienna, provided us some information concerning the preparations of the next Balkan Pediatric Congress, which we will held next year in Plovdiv. I am sure that it will be a great success and an important step for our union.

Our colleagues from Bosnia-Herzegovina had an interesting proposition on the vaccination calendar, and we are planning to organize a 2-day vaccination symposium in Turkey in November, which will address solely to vaccination and vaccination programs.

And of course we will re-gather in Istanbul in December during the ‘Excellence in Pediatrics’.

We will be pleased to hear your suggestions and opinions about the website or other activities.

I wish you all a very happy summer vacation

With my warmest regards,

Prof. Dr. Haluk Cokugras
President of Paediatric Association of the Balkan

©2016 Pediatric Association of the Balkan