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Str. Crisan nr 5, 400177, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

E-mail: secretariat@pediatriesociala.ro

Board of Directors

Prof.Dr. Nicolae MIU (Cluj) - President

Prof.Dr. Ioana ANCA (Bucureşti) - Vice-president
Prof.Dr. Evelina MORARU (Iaşi) - Vice-president
Prof.Dr. Mariana ANDREICA (Cluj) - Vice-president
Asist.Prof.Dr. Tudor Lucian POP (Cluj) - Secretary and Tresurer

Members of the Council: Prof.Dr. Liviu POP (Timişoara), Assoc.Prof.Dr. Angela BUTNARIU (Cluj), Prof.Dr. Alexandru G. DIMITRIU (Iasi), Dr. Alin STĂNESCU (Bucureşti), Prof.Dr. Mircea Gelu BUTA (Bistriţa), Prof.Dr. Cristina BORZAN (Cluj)

Romanian Society of Social Pediatrics
Romanian Society of Social Pediatrics is a professional, scientific and educational, apolitical, non-governmental and non-profit organization of pediatricians and other specialties, with interests in social pediatrics.
After the fall of communism 20 years ago, a group of pediatricians, who understood the importance of the social side of pediatrics, decided to join in creating a suitable organizational framework for all professionals active in the field of social pediatrics, in order to improve further research and practice in this area.
Around professor Nicolae Miu gathered other known pediatricians from other universities, such as Cluj, Bucharest, Iasi, Timisoara, Tg Mures, Craiova, and the newly established university centers. First meeting of pediatricians with social concerns was held in Cluj-Napoca, 18 to 22 May 1993, at the First National Congress of Social Pediatrics. They followed other Congresses in subsequent years (1997, 1999, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2010), each congress with the theme of one of the problems of social pediatrics. In addition to pediatricians, in the society activity were involved other physicians, psychiatrists, neurologists, family doctors, school doctors, public health specialists, psychologists and social workers.
Romanian Society of Social Pediatrics objectives are:

  • Development of social pediatric activity in Romania, creating an appropriate framework for exchange of ideas and solutions among its members for a better solution for their specific problems;
  • Training and continuing growth of the scientific level of the Society's members by ensuring access to quality information, continuing medical education of specialists, through appropriate programs and developing accreditation criteria, in collaboration with the College of Physicians in Romania;
  • Maintenance of scientific and professional links with similar foreign or international bodies; collaboration with other associations and members of society are achieved through participation in international organizations: ESSOP, EPA UNEPSA, IPA, PAB.
  • Supporting the Ministry of Health, Universities, and College of Physicians in developing of health programs, in training, in development of guides in social pediatrics.
  • Stimulating and promoting scientific research in the field of social pediatrics, promotion of joint research programs with specialists from other countries, participation in international study groups to affirm the SRPS in international scientific activity.

The main ways to achieve the objectives of SRPS are organizing national scientific meetings, with international participation, organization of training courses and programs, and editing a "Romanian Journal of Pediatrics", since 2002, in collaboration with the Romanian Society of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Pediatric Nutrition.

Website: www.pediatriesociala.ro

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